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Powerful features to supercharge your crypto portfolio

Embrace AI for smarter investing. Unlock your potential and navigate crypto markets efficiently.

Spot Signals

Maximize your crypto gains with our real-time spot signals.

Futures Signals

Elevate your crypto futures trading with real-time signal alerts!

Signal Results

Track your crypto signal results with ease!

Crypto Education

A solid cryptocurrency course to take you from beginner to expert.

Market Research & Analysis

We get you the next 100x token.

Choose from over 50 languages

Choose your preferred language with ease!


TokenPicks Token

TOP seamlessly integrates within the TokenPicks app, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Holding and utilizing TOP is streamlined, providing you with instant access to its multitude of benefits.

Earn up to 20% APR by Staking TOP Token

Stakers benefit from a share of taxes generated from the trading of TOP Tokens, providing an additional income stream.

Staking showing a vault for TOP Token

We’ve partnered with the top crypto exchanges and Vcs in the industry

Dubai welcomes TokenPicks

Our headquarter is currently located in the crypto capital of the world.

We are a team of 7+ web3 natives making crypto simple since 2021

Our diverse team, composed of individuals who have immersed themselves in the web3 space, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

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